Macaroons for Cookie Swap


I had so much fun being a Cookie Santa this year! I wish I had been able to put forth more effort in developing a unique recipe… but I wasn’t able to.  But, I did make these very yummy macaroons!  The recipe is one which I have baked many times before and is a favorite of our family’s.  Coconut Macaroons

I really enjoyed all the yummy cookies I received! Thanks to Chocolate and Carrots for the decadent truffles, Balicravings for the Caramel Almond cookies, and Cupcakes and Bakes for the Iced Oatmeal Cookies.  They were all so delicious and devoured by myself and my family.
Last but not least, thanks to Imperial Sugar and OXO for their participation in matching donations and the wonderful gifts!
This was such a great event to participate in. I can’t wait til next years!


2 thoughts on “Macaroons for Cookie Swap

  1. Thanks for sending these!! My husband is a coconut lover, and he declared these to be his favorite out of the 3 kinds we received! 🙂 The swap was so much fun!

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