Moreno Bakery visit

moreno bakery-9972

Saturday was a great day to visit a bakery we had never been to before.  Moreno Bakery was hopping! I carefully chose which treat I was going to enjoy until I settled on this Lemon Raspberry cupcake.

moreno bakery-9970-2

moreno bakery-9999-2

My sister chose a decadent looking chocolate cupcake.  OH why didn’t I choose it?

moreno bakery-9961

moreno bakery-9963

moreno bakery-9968

Brian chose to go with a dessert instead of a cupcake and went with the good ole fashioned Napoleon.

moreno bakery-9947


Mom’s Waffles



These waffles are very special to me.  They are my Mom’s recipe from when she was in Home Economics class from 7th grade.  I added blueberries to make them extra yummy.  She was delighted when she woke up one morning and I had these all made for her.  She loved them!